Spanking Surveys: All the Questions

This is the final post in a series of spanking survey questions. For this final post, I’ve simply compiled a list of all the questions with none of my answers for those who might be inspired to answer some or all of them on their own blogs. I collected these questions from various memes, surveys, discussion boards, and blogs from across the internet.

Previous parts with my answers are here: one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen, fifteen.

  1. Do you believe spankings are an effective form of discipline?
  2. How often were you spanked growing up (rarely, often or very often)?
  3. When you were spanked, how hard was it?
  4. Were spankings given on clothing, underwear, bare bottom or nude?
  5. What position were you in for spankings?
  6. Where were spankings given?
  7. What implements were used during your spankings?
  8. Do you feel you’re a better or more disciplined person today because of it?
  9. Who did the discipline in your house?
  10. Did you ever get spanked by anyone other than your parents?
  11. What offences did your parents consider deserving of a spanking?
  12. Was it effective in making you stop doing whatever you were doing wrong?
  13. When your parents spanked, was it done on the spot while you were standing, or would they make it a bigger event by making you go over their knee or over your bed, etc.?
  14. What age did you get your last spanking and what did you do?
  15. Did you cry every time?
  16. How did your parents know you learned your lesson?
  17. What other discipline methods did your parents use on you?
  18. Do you feel it was abuse or at times necessary discipline?
  19. Do you believe that spanking may have led to anger and/or trust issues with your parents?
  20. Were you afraid of your parents?
  21. Were you ever spanked in public?
  22. Were you ever spanked in front of others?
  23. Were you spanked at school?
  24. Which parent would you rather be spanked by?
  25. Did you ever get spanked twice for the same thing?
  26. Did you ever get spanked twice in the same day?
  27. Who pulled down your pants and panties?
  28. Were you given any chance to justify your behaviors before spanking?
  29. Is there a rule for number of strokes for particular offence?
  30. When did your parents scold you about what you did wrong?
  31. What were your parents’ spanking styles like?
  32. What offenses your parents/guardian considered deserving of spanking at the first time without warning?
  33. Were you ever given bedtime spankings?
  34. Were you ever spanked at the same time as someone else? Who went first?
  35. Were you ever told, “Wait until your father gets home?”
  36. What phrases did your parents use to warn you of an impending spanking or to declare your punishment?
  37. Were you ever spared a spanking once one was declared?
  38. How sore your bottom was after a typical spanking?
  39. On a scale of 1-10 how much did the average spanking hurt?
  40. Were you ever spanked for something you don’t feel you deserved?
  41. Was your spanking ever interrupted by a doorbell, phone, or visitor?
  42. Were your spankings ever delayed?
  43. Did you ever have to wait to get your spanking?
  44. Were you ever spanked before school?
  45. With what word did your mom or dad refer to your “bottom”?
  46. What did you do or say when someone said, “You’re going to be spanked”?
  47. Were you ever bruised by a spanking?
  48. How young were you when you received your first spanking?
  49. Did you face corner time after a spanking?
  50. What happened to you after spankings?
  51. Were you ever spanked in a car?
  52. Were you ever spanked in a public restroom?
  53. Were you ever given enemas or other types of physical punishments sometimes coupled with spankings?
  54. How did you feel after a spanking?
  55. Did your parents ever tell you that this would hurt them more than you?
  56. Did your spanker hug/kiss/tell you they love you, right after the spanking?
  57. Do you remember ever doubting their love for you because of a spanking?
  58. Did they ever feel like they spanked you unjustly?
  59. Did they ever tell you that you were too old to be spanked?
  60. Did they ever tell you that you were not too old to be spanked?
  61. Would you mind if they spanked you, for a good reason, in your adult years?
  62. How long were your spankings?
  63. Do you think spanking was better or worse than most of the other punishments your parents or guardians used?
  64. How were your parents disciplined?
  65. Were your parents in a domestic discipline relationship?
  66. Where were you spanked besides your bottom?
  67. Did you feel embarrassed to get a spanking from your parent/guardian?
  68. Did you want to be spanked as a child?
  69. Did you try to earn a spanking as a child?
  70. Did you ever try to get friends spanked?
  71. Did you ever try to get siblings spanked?
  72. Were you a well-behaved child?
  73. Did you ever get spanked or witness a spanking at a slumber party?
  74. Were there times when you should have been spanked but weren’t?
  75. Do you feel your gender ever made a difference in how you were spanked?
  76. Did you ever feel your birth order made a difference in how you were spanked?
  77. Did others know you were spanked?
  78. Did your tears ever affect the length of your spanking?
  79. Were you ever able to talk your way out of a spanking?
  80. Did you have permission to spank any of the kids you babysat? Did you spank them?
  81. Have you ever urinated during a long spanking?
  82. Did you ever check out your bottom after the spanking?
  83. Did you ever check out someone else’s bottom after a spanking?
  84. Did you look up spanking in the dictionary?
  85. How did you feel about spanking in comics?
  86. How did you feel about spanking scenes in books?
  87. How did you feel about spanking on tv and in movies?
  88. Did you get birthday spankings?
  89. Did you spank your dolls?
  90. Did you play spanking games with friends?
  91. Were your friends spanked as teens?
  92. Did you talk about spanking with your friends?
  93. Did you hear spanking threats?
  94. Did you witness any others being spanked?
  95. Did you like watching others be spanked?
  96. Did you ever volunteer for a spanking when you were a child by confessing something naughty you had done but your parents didn’t know about?
  97. Did your parents ever let you choose a spanking versus another punishment option?
  98. Did you ever request a spanking over a grounding or other punishment?
  99. Were you ever involved in a group spanking where many kids were spanked at once for the same “crime”?
  100. Did your parents ever give you the warning of “If you don’t do X by the count of three, you’re getting a spanking. 1…”? How high did your parents count before giving you a spanking?
  101. Did you ever volunteer to take the blame and the spanking for a sibling or a friend?
  102. Did you ever do something stupid as a result of a bet with someone when you were young and then got spanked for it?
  103. Did you ever tell your parents that the spanking didn’t hurt?
  104. When you were a child, were you ever sentenced to several spankings on consecutive days for the same event (such as a spanking every night for a week for unruly behavior)?
  105. Would you ever want to be spanked again by one of your parents as an adult?
  106. As an adult, have you talked to your parents or your siblings about your childhood spankings?
  107. Did you ever wish for another adult to spank you as a child than the ones that already did?
  108. Did you masturbate after your spankings as a child?
  109. Do you find you have an attraction to spanking porn/art/erotica/photos from the era when you were a child?
  110. Have you recreated any of your childhood spankings as an adult during roleplay?
  111. Did you ever make a New Year’s resolution to get less spankings the next year?
  112. Do you have the spanking implement(s) that were used on you as a child and are they used on you as an adult?
  113. Now that you’re older, what is your opinion on the use of spanking with children?
  114. Do you think parents have a right to spank their children?
  115. How do you think parents should spank their children?
  116. What ages do you think parents should spank children?
  117. Is corporal punishment an effective method of disciplining a child?
  118. Does corporal punishment lead to the development of good character?
  119. Does corporal punishment help build respect for authority figures?
  120. Does corporal punishment work better than other disciplinary methods that don’t involve physical pain?
  121. Have you ever intervened in a situation in which a child was being hit by a parent/guardian in public?
  122. Did you spank your own children if you had any?
  123. If you have children would you spank them as a last resort?
  124. If so, is there anything you would do differently compared to your parents?
  125. Do you think spankings should be allowed in schools?
  126. Do you think corporal punishment should be considered by the courts for children? For adults?
  127. When did you start wanting to be spanked as an adult?
  128. Who do you want to be spanked by as an adult?
  129. What is the reddest your bottom has ever gotten from a spanking as an adult?
  130. Would you be interested in being spanked by a machine?
  131. Would you volunteer as the target in a spanking booth?
  132. Would you like receiving bedtime spankings?
  133. Have you ever participated in a spanking contest? (a contest where you and a friend spank each other mercilessly and see who lasts longer)
  134. Have you ever been spanked nude in front of your friends?
  135. Have you ever been spanked until you cried?
  136. How often are you spanked?
  137. How often would you like to be spanked?
  138. How long are your spankings?
  139. Do you find violence sexually exciting?
  140. Would you consider a DD relationship?
  141. Why do you feel a need to be punished as an adult?
  142. What would you like to be punished for as an adult?
  143. Do you find the thought of getting spanked by your partner sexually exciting?
  144. Do you find the thought of spanking your partner sexually exciting?
  145. What is your favorite thing about spanking?
  146. Do your friends know you are a spanko?
  147. Do you self spank?
  148. What is your least favorite spanking implement?
  149. Would you describe yourself as a rule follower or a rule breaker?
  150. Have you ever spanked a partner?
  151. Do you want to be threatened with spankings?
  152. Do you like being lectured?
  153. Would you like an all day spanking day?
  154. What sex do you prefer to be spanked by?
  155. Would you ever see a dominatrix?
  156. Where do you like being spanked besides your butt?
  157. Who do you like to pull down your pants and underwear?
  158. When you get spanked as an adult, do you cry? Have you ever been spanked to tears?
  159. Have you had a birthday spanking as an adult?
  160. Have you ever been spanked in the workplace?
  161. Would you ever want to be spanked in the workplace?
  162. Have you ever been spanked in a cemetery?
  163. Have you ever been spanked in a church?
  164. Have you been spanked on a wet bottom?
  165. Have you ever asked anyone but a partner for a spanking?
  166. How old were you when you got your first spanking as an adult?
  167. How long has it been since you got spanked as an adult?
  168. Do you ever try to get a spanking?
  169. Do you find spankings embarrassing as an adult?
  170. Did you get spanked on your wedding day/night?
  171. How do you like your spankings to start?
  172. Have you ever been spanked to orgasm?
  173. What time of day do you want to be spanked?
  174. Would you like to be spanked by two or more spankers?
  175. Do you masturbate after your spankings as an adult if you are not having sex with your spanker after the spanking?
  176. If you were being spanked with someone else, would you rather go first or second?
  177. Have you ever been to a spanking party?
  178. Do you want to pick your own implements?
  179. Do you prefer wearing a skirt or pants for a spanking?
  180. Do you have other spanking related fetishes?
  181. Do you have any spanking related hard limits?
  182. Do you prefer fast or slow spankings?
  183. How do you respond to spankings as an adult?
  184. Have you ever asked to be punished for something you did growing up but weren’t caught?
  185. Have you been spanked with a butt plug in?
  186. Have you been spanked with a vibrator inserted?
  187. Have you been spanked wearing a gag?
  188. Have you been spanked while bound?
  189. Do you enjoy being spanked on a still sore bottom?
  190. Have you ever been spanked outdoors?
  191. Would you like to be spanked outdoors?
  192. What kind of spanking videos do you like to watch?
  193. What kind of spanking fiction/erotica do you like to read?
  194. Do you think being spanked as a child make you a spanko?
  195. What spanking phrases turn you on?
  196. What kind of spanking role play do you enjoy or want to try?
  197. What spanking implements have you been spanked with as an adult and what did you think of each?
  198. What spanking implements would you like to be spanked with as an adult but have not yet been?
  199. What spanking implements do you not want to be spanked with?
  200. What positions or special situations do you like to be spanked in as an adult?
  201. What positions do you not like being spanked in as an adult?
  202. What positions have you not tried being spanked in as an adult but would like to?
  203. What is your preferred clothing status during a spanking as an adult?