Spanking Survey, Part 15

This post is a continuing series of spanking survey questions, now moving to questions about spankings as an adult. Previous parts are here: one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen.

What positions or special situations do you like to be spanked in as an adult?

All fours
Back of couch
Back of stuffed armchair
Hands and knees on bed
Hands and knees on the bed while sucking his cock
Laying on bed with spanker sitting on my back facing reverse
Massage table
Over center of bed on pillows
Over side of bed
Over stuffed armchair arm
Over the knee
Over the lap

What positions do you not like being spanked in as an adult?

I haven’t tried anything I haven’t liked yet!

What positions have you not tried being spanked in as an adult but would like to?

Backseat of a car
Bent over chair
Bent over desk
Car window
Diaper position
Diving board
Fallen tree
Gynecology table (pussy spanking)
Hands and knees on floor
Holding shower rod
In the rain
In the shower
Kneeling on chair
Kneeling with my head between his knees
Knees on floor. Lean over bed w/ limbs tied down
Ladder, library
Laying on bed with spanker sitting on my back facing reverse
Leg locked
Oiled bottom
On a wet bottom
Over a cannon
Over fence
Over ironing board
Over log
Over swing
Over the edge of the bathtub
Over the hood of a car
Over the kitchen counter
Piano bench
Piano keys lid
Piano lid
Spanking bench
Spanking horse
St. Andrew’s cross
Tied to a four post or canopy bed
Tied up to a hook on the ceiling
Tree limb
Under the shoulder
While being figged

What positions are you not willing to be spanked in as an adult?

Over banister on balcony—I get vertigo from this kind of thing.

Over the shoulder – I’d be open to this and think it’s very sexy but my weight makes it prohibitive.

Wheelbarrow—That position always looks super awkward to me.

What is your preferred clothing status during a spanking as an adult?

I like starting clothed and then ending up nude. Of the options given with this question, this is my order of preference:

Naked waist down
In lingerie
Pants down, in thong/jock strap
Pants down, in tight underwear
Pants down, in underwear
Completely naked
In underwear only
Naked waist up
Fully clothed

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