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Another Blast from the Past

I’m not sure what it is with guys from my past that I’m not wanting to see ever again showing up lately on dating sites, but another fun one appeared. This time it was the guy who broke up with me by sending me a text saying he was never going to have sex with anyone ever again. His new dating profile had several things on it that were lies; that or he had been lying to me directly in conversation, but I suspect it was the profile that was misleading and I got the truth. Regardless, it seems his commitment to celibacy lasted four months or so. I haven’t heard from him and don’t expect to. I hit the block button as soon as I saw his picture.

I don’t understand why all these blasts from the past are suddenly showing up to help me usher out a rather bizarre year of dating. It’s hard not to become retrospective with all of the men of my year parading by again!

Here’s to 2019 bringing much better things for all of us.


Bizarre Bookends

Remember back at the beginning of the year when I went on a date with a man who “forgot” to mention to me that he was non-monogamous? You can refresh your memory here. I’ll wait.

So anyway, I reactivated my dating profiles on a few sites recently after another round of heartbreak. When I did, I discovered that particular non-monogamous jerkwad has a new account where he actually has himself clearly marked as non-monogamous. I learned this because he had the audacity to mark he was interested in me. This leads me to two possible conclusions:

  1. He doesn’t remember our date, in which case, fuck him.
  2. He remembers we had a great date and he thinks I should give him a second chance, in which case, fuck him.

Seriously, I don’t give guys who intentionally mislead or lie to me second chances. Life is too short for that. If a guy can’t be honest with me about the basics of his life, then he is out on the first strike. If he is going to lie to me about something major on the first date, that pretty much tells me he’ll be willing to lie to me about anything for the rest of our lives, and I’m not signing up for that.

Good luck, jerkwad. The block button is my friend as always! You will not be visiting my profile through that account again.