Yearning for You

Tonight, the loneliness and horniness combine to bring forth a yearning and a torment that can only be resolved through your touch. I want you near me, uniting our bodies and souls into one sacred being. I imagine your arms pulling me close to your naked body. I feel the tender pressure of your hands against my bare biceps and triceps, firm and beckoning. I raise my hands to your chest, running my hands through your soft dark hair, one of the physical manifestations of your manliness that turns me on so powerfully.

Your head bends down toward me as my neck arches up towards you. Our lips reach for each other. We delicately let our lips touch, softly conveying our intense and mutual love. Your tongue follows with an equally subtle approach, tenderly reaching for mine and letting me know that this night is about the communion of our beings. There is passion in your actions, yet the love behind the lusty desire overpowers the physical desperation we both feel for each other. We cannot help but let our passion take over. The soft kisses quickly become engulfing ones, with our tongues frantically probing deep in each other’s mouths. Our bodies press against each other, and I feel your erection straining against my abdomen, betraying your quick arousal resulting from our kisses.

We slowly stop kissing and stare deeply into each other’s eyes. Our eyes are the windows to our souls, and both of us find the spiritual union we want in the other’s gaze. As we continue to connect through our eyes, our breath begins to synchronize, bringing our bodies further into union with each other. The gentle music in the background and the flickering candles subtly increase the intimacy of the moment. There is nothing in the world besides the two of us in this room. We are the only ones that matter. Our love is the only one that exists in time and space.

Having taken time to deeply connect through our breaths and gaze, our day of loving interactions and verbal foreplay rapidly turns to sensuous lovemaking. We cannot and do not want to take our hands off of each other. We gently glide them across the other’s skin, erotically grazing all the places we know bring pleasure to us both. As your fingers meander to my hard nipples, you bend down to kiss my earlobes, nibbling gently, your breath caressing as much as your teeth and your tongue. I quiver with arousal as your touches send shivers throughout my body.

My hands move downward to your firm buttocks, rubbing and squeezing in response to your passionate kisses that are now running down my neck. The texture of your body hair against my soft hands brings sensuous pleasure to me. My fingers move towards your anus; my fingers both enjoy feeling your skin become soft and hairless and also tantalizing your sensitive nerve endings with my touch. I hear you moan with pleasure as my fingers probe firmly downward toward your balls, feeling the texture shift in your skin again.

As you kiss my neck and I explore your nether regions, our legs are pressed against each other, mine shaved smooth and yours textured with dark hair. The combination of the two rubbing against each other makes beautiful music between us, silent but powerful in stimulating our connection.

I feel your hands moving down my back and reaching for my soft backside that contrasts from your highly textured hairy body. I arch my neck backward as your lips move down my chest, moving slowly but steadily with your tongue toward my favorite destination. As your fingers part my nether lips, your tongue begins caressing my clit, quickly making me writhe with pleasure. I let loose sighs of pleasure coupled with squeals of intense release when your tongue manages to hit my clit in just the right way.

My pussy is desperately aching for your cock, a desire I verbalize as you look up and make eye contact with me. Our eyes lock, and once again we feel the need to kiss passionately, my juices fresh on your lips and transferring to mine. We take another moment to synchronize our breathing as we gaze deeply into each other’s soul, remembering that our union is so much more than just the physical. Yet the physical is calling us, and you continue gazing in my eyes while deeply penetrating my soaking wet pussy with your rock-hard cock, the first thrust giving us both intense pleasure that no words can capture. We both gasp and then moan at the intensity of our union. There is nothing that will ever replace the sensation of our bodies joined as one.

Slowly you begin that beautiful rhythm of thrusting your cock in and out of me. My legs wrap tighter around you as I press my abdomen as hard against you as I can, wanting to absorb your cock further inside me than it can possibly go. We hear the sloshing of my juices as you plunge in and out of me, your balls slapping against my pussy with each thrust. Our breathing begins to become very harried and desperate as climax approaches for both of us. You let me come first; I scream out with pleasure as my g-spot explodes from all of the delightful friction of your cock rubbing against it. Unable to contain your need to release once you hear my screams, you also are quickly calling out with unbridled gratification. All too soon, our peaks begin dropping, and our bodies come to rest next to each other in exhausted pleasure.

As I think about laying in your arms in my fantasy, my soul aches for you. I want to feel our energy meld together. I want our souls to return to the state we shared before we came into this world. I wonder when I will finally find you. I feel as though you are getting so close to being in my life. I want you here with me more than you can imagine– or maybe you can imagine. Maybe you are feeling this longing, too. Maybe tonight you are thinking of me and longing for me in the same way I am desiring you. Maybe our lives are about to finally intersect. Maybe we are finally about to begin our journey together.


Love During Illness

When the pain from the fever wracks my body, I don’t want anyone to touch me. Yet at the same time, I am desperate for a man to hold me and help soothe away my misery. I hate being sick and alone.  I want to be with a man who will hold me close to him, gently stroke my hair, and lovingly kiss my forehead. I want to be with a man who will make me soup and bring me tea. I want a man who will draw me a hot bath and then sit next to me, talking softly to distract me from the pain.

None of the men I have dated since my divorce have loved me enough to care for me like this. When I got sick when I was dating them, every single one of them ran for the hills. Some might send texts to check on me. Others did not. Their love was not enough to risk my contagion. Their selfishness was greater than their compassion.

So even as I sit here with snot dripping down my face, a thermometer rising higher, and chapped lips from all the mouth breathing, I still wish a man were kissing me. I wish his arms were around me. I wish I was partnered to a man who could see my beauty despite the virus. I wish I was with a man whose love knows no bounds.


You Are a Man

What makes you a man in my eyes?

When you hold me close to you and I feel safe, that is when you are a man.

When you treat me with respect, that is when you are a man.

When I can hear the compassion and concern in your voice when I am having a hard time, that is when you are a man.

When you talk to me and tell me your thoughts and dreams, that is when you are a man.

When you make me laugh (and sometimes groan) at your jokes, that is when you are a man.

When you text me to let me know you are thinking of me, that is when you are a man.

When you wear a suit and tie like no one else can, that is when you are a very sexy man.

When you turn me on without even touching me, that is when you are a man.

When you touch my face, gently and tenderly, and then kiss me passionately, that is when you are a man.

When you pull me close to you with your strong hands, wrap your arms around me, and kiss me with a determination that lets me know exactly how you feel about me, that is when you are a man.

When we are cuddled together in bed, naked as can be, and you kiss my neck and touch my waist making me feel like a desirable woman, that is when you are a man.

A cock is not what makes a man. A hard cock is definitely not a sign of a man. Cocks are nice, and when they get hard, that’s great, too, but it’s still not a sign of being a man.

You are a man. Always.