Foot Fetish

Lick ‘Em

I have a profile picture on several sites that is of my feet. This is in part an attempt to remain anonymous but it’s also in part due to my foot fetish. The photo does tend to draw some interesting comments from men with foot fetishes. Yesterday’s inane comment that just hit me as weird and presumptuous was, “When is best time for me to lick them lol[?]” The following is my response:


I’ve never met a guy who can lick his own balls before. I’m really impressed. That’s quite a lot of talent.

I honestly don’t know when the best time to lick your balls is. I would guess that would depend on the individual. The only creatures I’ve known well who could lick their own balls were my late dogs. They had been neutered, so in truth, they were only licking their empty scrotums, but they didn’t seem to have a time schedule. They just did it whenever they wanted to. I suspect the same would be true for you.

Good luck in your licking!


p.s. If you meant you wanted to lick my toes or feet, maybe next time you should try a better introductory line, one that uses clear nouns instead of nondescript pronouns.