Fascinating DM on Fetlife from a non-local man who is about my age:

Have you ever had to hit some jerk in the balls cause he was either a jerk or cause he was being an aggressive asshole? Curious how effective it is – ? Did the guy drop unable to get up or immobilized to some extent ? Anyways

Really? REALLY? Is he trying to get me to threaten to do the same to his balls? What would possibly make him think this the way to start a conversation with me? There is NOTHING on my profile to indicate that I’m interested in ballbusting or CBT, and given that I’m a sub, it’s probably not a conversation that will turn me on or interest me.

I do not understand the weird men of the internet, but then again, that’s nothing new.

The block button remains my best friend on Fetlife, dating sites, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook….



    1. CBT in the kink world is cock and ball torture.

      Fetlife is sometimes called “Facebook for kinky folk.” It’s It’s a great way to get involved with the local kink or polyamorous community in your area or meet like-minded folk around the world. There’s a lot of educational info on there but also a lot of porn and unfortunately quite a few sleazy guys. It’s like all social media: You have to tailor it to fit your needs to have the best experience. There are sacred sexuality groups on there, and there are vanilla people on there as well.


      1. I am interested in Sacred Sexuality. Also interested in Sex Magick! I think the sacredness of sexuality can heal the inner wounds of my sexuality that were damaged from sexual and domestic violence as a baby starting at 2 years old! I am Native American Christian Wiccan and I am a paid member of CUUPS the Covenant Unitarian Universalist Pagan Society.


  1. I agree. I am on AFF and men start conversations weird with me too. Like sending a beautiful face with eyes and smile is awesome! Sick pics turn me on like looking at elbows does nothing for me. I get turned on by eyes. I get turned on by this DJ who has crystal blue eyes! Yes! I could stare at his eyes for hours!

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