Spanking Survey, Part 14

This post is a continuing series of spanking survey questions, now moving to questions about spankings as an adult. Previous parts are here: one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen.

Which of these spanking implements have you been spanked with as an adult and what did you think of each?

Belt, leather—I’ve only experienced it once but really liked it.

Belt, leather with cutouts/holes—I’ve only experienced it once, and the belt we were using was flimsy. It didn’t work well. I’d be willing to try again with a different one.

Brush, bamboo—It stings more than the wood brushes but this is my daily use hairbrush so it’s emotionally more powerful when it gets used on me for spanking.

Brush, plastic hair—Stingy but I like it.

Brush, plastic bath—Stingy but I don’t mind it.

Brush, wooden bath—Stingy and thuddy but I like it.

Brush, wooden hair – Stingy and thuddy and I like it.

Crop– I hate the damn thing yet I’ll also ask for it on occasion. I have two. I don’t like when it accidentally gets used as a cane on me.

Drumsticks—I actually really enjoyed these.

Flogger, leather – I have an imitation leather flogger that I love when used properly.

Flogger, mini—I really love the mini-flogger.

Hand—I like hand spanking. It also depends whose hand and how hard! I find hand spanking to be really stingy and I prefer more thuddy.

Paddle, leather—I have a bunch of leather and imitation leather paddles. I love them. They’re my preferred choice for spanking implements most of the time.

Paddle, ping pong – I really like this being used on me.

Rope—I hated this. It is way too stingy. Never again.

Spoon, wooden—I like the wooden spoon a lot. Most of my partners don’t like using it, though.

Tawse, leather—The leather tawse I have is really stiff. I bought it for pussy spanking, and it stings like holy fuck. It works better on other body parts.

What spanking implements would you like to be spanked with as an adult but have not yet been?

On these, the ones with stars are implements that I own but which I haven’t managed to get a partner to use on me.

Belt, braided leather
Birch, spray
Bread board
Brush, bakelite
Brush, clothes/laundry
Carpet beater
Carpet beater, mini
Ceiling fan blade
Cheese board
Chicken, rubber
Cribbage board
Cutting board, plastic
Cutting board, wood
Feather duster*
Flogger, braided leather
Flyswatter, leather*
Flyswatter, metal
Flyswatter, plastic
Gloves, leather
Hanger, plastic*
Hot Wheels track
Leather loopy
Leather scabbard
Loopy toy
Paddle, butter churn*
Paddle, jokari
Paddle, Lego board attached
Paddle, lexan
Paddle, lexan with holes
Paddle, plastic
Paddle, plastic with holes
Paddle, silicone
Paddle, wood large
Paddle, wood small
Paddle, wood with holes
Paint stick, plastic
Paint stick, wood*
Racket, badminton
Racket, tennis
Shoe horn
Shoe, gym (aka plimsoll/sneaker/sand shoe)
Silicone spatula
Slipper, leather sole*
Slipper, plastic sole*
Spatula, bamboo*
Spatula, metal
Spatula, plastic*
Spatula, wooden
Spoon, bamboo*
Spoon, plastic mixing *
Spoon, wooden with holes*
Strap, leather
Strap, prison
Tawse, leather
Toy paddle*
Wet towel

What spanking implements do you NOT want to be spanked with?

Belt, studded
Birch, single branch
Birch, judicial
Brush, metal
Cane, bamboo
Cane, rattan
Dowel, plastic
Dowel, wood
Electric cord
Flogger, rope
Flyswatter, electric
Frying pan
Gloves, vampire
Hanger, metal
Hanger, wood
Hose, rubber
Loopy johnny (neoprene)
Paddle, spiked
Paddle, studded
Paddle, wood with horseshoe attatched
Piano wire
Plastic cane
Rolling pin, plastic
Rolling pin, wood
Strap, rubber
Toilet brush
Violin bow
Whip, bull
Whip, dragon tongue
Whip, dragon’s tail
Whip, dressage

Thanks to followers on Fetlife for helping me add to this list. Feel free to add more ideas in the comments section!

(continue to part 15)


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