Thanks a Lot

When you go on a really great date with a guy you really like that ends too soon but with an enthusiastic hug and kiss (both initiated by him) and then two days later he sends an email that says, “BTW, I really like you and want to see you again but I’m actually exploring poly so it won’t work out so best of luck.” Um, did you not think to mention this when I discussed during the date how hard of a time I am having finding a monogamous man? Why did you kiss me like that if you knew I was mono and you are poly? Did you really think you are Prince Charming and that your kiss would somehow magically convert me to poly?

Thanks a lot for leaving me completely devastated and ensuring that my 2018 gets off to the same shitty start that 2017 ended on. Had you not kissed me and had just been honest on the date, I wouldn’t have been so deeply hurt. But now? Now I feel used and decimated. I didn’t need your pity hug and pity kiss.


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