The End of 2017

This year has really kind of sucked for me on a personal level, and it certainly has sucked on a national level. I’m honestly quite glad to see an end to the year. I’m trying to have hopes that 2018 will be better, but I’m so discouraged by how December has gone for me that it’s hard to keep those hopes up. Christmas downright sucked for me.

I have a fantasy of spending New Year’s Eve having sex and fucking in the New Year. It’s never happened for me in all my forty-(mumble mumble) years. It won’t be happening this year either, alas. Instead, I’ll be doing my usual of trying to drown out the local fireworks that will start at about 6 pm and will go until 2 am. It’s going to be cold this year, but I doubt that will stop the natives. Most of them will be too drunk to notice the cold.

Here’s hoping next year is a better year for me and all those whose 2017 was less than optimal.


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