Our Past Selves

As I’m in my 40s and most of my men in recent years have been in their 40s and 50s, all of us have obviously gone through a lot of physical changes in our lives. I’ve shared pictures of my teens and twenties self with some of my more recent partners who were curious. I asked one of my partners to show me pictures of himself with hair since he was now bald and I couldn’t imagine what he looked like with hair. He absolutely refused because “it would be too embarrassing.” I’m still not sure of his logic on that one, but I wish he had been brave enough to show me what he looked like.

With another of my lovers, we were cuddled up talking in his bed after having had sex one day, and for some reason he pulled out pictures of himself when he was younger including a picture of himself in his wedding tux from over a decade before. (Yes, he was divorced when we were together.) His hair was a different color and vastly different style, his facial hair had changed completely, and his weight was different, too. He looked very different overall, but you could tell it was still him if you looked closely.

After looking at the picture of him in his tux ten years previously, I said to my lover, “He’s cute. I’d do him.”

With a bit of an annoyed but amused voice, my partner replied, “You just did! Twice!”


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