Sleep Talking

(I’ve had some random memories floating through my head lately, so I have decided to put them to paper in case they amuse someone else as much as they amuse me.)

While many of the men I’ve slept with snored, none of them talked in their sleep except one. Usually he just mumbled or made noises, none of which were really intelligible to me. However, early one morning while he was still asleep and I was awake, my partner very loudly and distinctly called out, “THONG!” It cracked me up. He wasn’t particularly obsessed with thongs, so it was quite the interesting choice of word for his unconscious to evoke.

When he woke up, I informed him of his sleeptime pronouncement. He told me, “I meant like a flip-flop.”

“Like hell you did!” was my response. I’d been having sex with him long enough to know his mind was always in the gutter.


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