Found My Spanking Mojo!

My doctors are currently transitioning me off of a drug that I’ve been taking for several years. While the drug isn’t an anti-depressant or even in the same arena of medications, it and similar drugs still have the effect of dampening my libido. I actually appreciate that because it means sex isn’t on my mind 24/7. When I’m not on the medications, I am constantly craving sex. Most men can’t keep up with me.

So as my levels of that drug drop in my system, my sex drive has soared again. It’s always on my mind. And with that, my spanking mojo came back out of the blue one day this week. It was like I suddenly found it under a couch cushion. One moment my spanking mojo wasn’t there, and the next moment it was. It had been gone for about three months, but I’d been on the drug for years, so I don’t know that it’s actually a direct correlation. However, I have no other explanation unless you want to blame the upcoming eclipse.

With the increased sex drive and no partner, I’m taking out my frustration on writing fiction periodically. I turn myself on when I am writing, so I can only get through part of a story before I have to stop and masturbate. After masturbating, I’m not as interested in writing again, so it takes several sessions for me to get a story done. However, I wrote about a third to a half of a story the other night. Hopefully I’ll find time to finish it and put it up later this week.


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