Do You Remember Me?

The woman on the radio sings,
“I will remember you.
Will you remember me?”
I ask myself the same question.
Do you remember me?
Do you still think of me?
I think of you daily,
often multiple times a day.
I don’t want to,
but you won’t leave my mind.

I see random things that remind me of you.
I go to our special places and think of you.
I drive by restaurants we went to together and think of you.

I wonder if you think about me,
but I’m guessing you’ve found a way
to shove me to the dark recesses of your mind
where you’d rather I stay.
Most men seem pretty good at that.

I’ve accepted that I’ll never hear from you again.
I’m as ok with that as I can be.
It still hurts like hell,
but I know eventually that pain will fade.

Our love ended because you couldn’t see me.
You couldn’t see the amazing woman that I am.
I could see you in all of your brilliance,
but you cannot see yourself.
You struggle to love yourself.
You don’t know how powerful you are.
Until you learn how to love yourself
you won’t be able to love others
in the way that I loved you.

You said to me on my birthday,
“The right person at the wrong time
is still the wrong person.”
How bitterly prophetic those words were.
You are the right person
but we are on different times.
In five years, you will be absolutely perfect
for the me of today,
but in five years,
I will be a completely different person.
The timing is just wrong.

I wish so much that our love ended differently.
I wish you were still my friend.
I wish that we could still share those intimate moments,
the ones that made me fall for you in the first place.

I still remember you.
Do you remember me?


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