The Simplest of Things

It was the simplest of things.

We sat on a bench talking
sharing the deep intimacy that formed naturally between us.
Spiritual siblings
loving so intimately and so deeply
that neither of us had words to explain our love’s power.

Agape we said.
Deep spiritual love.
A love filled with intimacy beyond compare.

Yet it was platonic.
There was no kissing.
No sex.
Just love, intimate and pure.

Until that day
when unintentionally
you changed everything.

As we sat on a bench, my hand resting flat,
you placed your hand on top of mine
interweaving your fingers with mine
closing them tightly around my fingers
uniting us together
creating an intimacy
a love
an irresistible power
that brought down every shield already barely standing around my heart.

To you, it was just a casual touch
an affirmation of our friendship.
To me, it was so much more.
That one simple act
was more spiritual, more intimate, more loving
than all of the sex with my recent lovers combined.
It touched my soul.
and eros began rising within me.

Yet as quickly as it happened,
it became nothing.
Everything disappeared.
The love was gone
because to you,
that gesture
that sacred touch
that intermingling of fingers and souls,
it meant nothing.
Nothing at all.


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