Online Dating Bloopers 4

Another week, another set of inane messages from clueless men in the dating world. This week the men of the internet seem to be full of questions. For those who are not familiar, I only have pictures of my feet and legs on dating sites, not my face. I’m also located in Texas.


Hi sunshine, how are you doing? I found your profile attractive so I decided to say hi. Can I learn more about you? [Guys, really, unless you know us, then no nicknames. It’s ok to just say “Hi, How are you?” and then add something to show us you’ve actually read our profiles! This guy clearly didn’t.]

You, definitely, come across unlike any Lady I have ever met. You are extremely intriguing to me. What part of town do you live? Has Okcupid been a positive experience, thus far? [He is local and in my age range but not a good match. This is also a generic spam message.]

How are you doing today ??? My name is Joseph [redacted], You are so beautiful. And happy new year [This was sent from Florida, and he is a horrible match for me. I read the first sentence of his profile and ran.]

Hi How are you [He has a picture and is in my age range and local, but he has no profile. I don’t respond to pictures without words. The words are more important than the picture!]

And this week’s winner:

“Where’s your picture?”

Sigh. Not surprisingly, he’s 11 years below my age range, and his profile picture is a shirtless one. My answer: “There’s one on my profile. If you meant to politely ask, ‘I know I’m below your age range, but I am intrigued by your profile. Is there any chance I could get to see facial pictures of you?’, then the answer is thank you for your interest, but we are not a match. I prefer only to share my photos with men whom I am interested in. Good luck with women who don’t appreciate manners.”

I forgot to hit the block button after I sent it, so he sent back an error-filled note saying, “I was just asking. That tatttoo looked familiar. I wasn’t interested. But honestly if you’re going to have a profile at least put a picture of your face or expect a lot of people that are going to ask the same question. Jesus Lol. Talking about manners my ask. It would be best to put a pic. Rather then being a rude lil douche”

Oh, the grammatical and spelling errors. Oh, the egotistical entitlement. Seriously, this is how you think you can attract women? Take off your shirt and treat them like shit? And by the way, there are no visible tattoos on my picture. This is the second guy not to look closely at what he is actually seeing and to mistake something in my picture for a tattoo.


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