Men, Height, and Hair(lessness)

At one point in my online dating experience, I messaged with a man who happened to be 5’8” and bald. He had irrationally lashed out at me about nothing in particular. It turns out he was very bitter towards women on dating sites because he felt there were no women who would date shorter men and/or bald men. Once I was able to pinpoint what he was really angry about, I let him know that there are women like me who aren’t necessarily looking for tall men and who think bald is beautiful. My ex-husband was much taller than me, and I found it inconvenient at a best. Likewise, I think some of the sexiest men in the world are bald. Their lack of hair has nothing to do with the attitudes they convey which are what make them sexy. This bitter man would not believe that I was speaking the truth about how I felt about shorter men and bald men. I finally gave up, hit the block button, and walked away.

Ironically, right after that I started dating a man who was 5’10” and bald. That’s not short by any means, but he was insecure about his height after having been with so many women who extolled the virtues of men over six feet tall. I thought he was the perfect height for me—super easy to reach up and kiss! I never had a problem with his height, but I don’t think he ever truly believed me how much I liked his body the way it was.

On the other hand, he definitely believed me when I told him that I was totally turned on by his bald head after we had gone on a few dates. I had initially been unsure about what it would be like to not run my hands through my partner’s hair during sex. However, I soon discovered that rubbing my hands on his freshly shaven head was a totally different but highly sensuous experience, one that I fell in love with. I had never expected his silky soft head would create such an erotic experience for me. For the first time ever, I truly understood what it is men find so incredible about women’s shaved legs (not to mention other shaved bits!).

Eventually that relationship came to an end, and my lover’s bald head was one of the things I knew I would miss about him. Once I started looking online for a new boyfriend, I found myself being subconsciously drawn to bald men. I realized that I was unintentionally “downgrading” men because they had hair! I made myself stop doing that, though, because I am not going to pick my partners based solely on appearance. There are far more important things about men than their hair or lack thereof!

Life has a sense of humor: After dating several men with typical short haircuts, the man who became my next lover ended up having hair significantly longer than mine. While I’ve never been particularly attracted to men with long hair, I found his incredibly arousing. Running my fingers through his hair was just as sensuous as my previous lover’s bald head but in a very different way.

For me, the moral of the story is that touching every lover’s hair or lack thereof can be an extremely sexual experience. The color, the texture, the length or even the presence are irrelevant. The same is true with a man’s height. What matters is the man underneath that sexy scalp who is standing in front of me wanting to be my loving partner.


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