A New Pervertible

31vpbrhxbulIn the kink world, “pervertibles” are sex toys that are made from something that wasn’t originally intended for sexual or kinky purposes. One of the most common is a hairbrush: Meant for brushing hair, but often used for spanking naughty bottoms. The handle can be used for penetrating various orifices as well. Other common household items such as wooden spoons, blind dowels, hangers, and belts get commandeered for spanking implements as well. Vegetables such as cucumbers and carrots get used as dildos. Perverted minds find kinky things everywhere they look (and that’s a compliment).

One of the guys I dated created a new pervertible that I would never have dreamed up. He was spanking me and fingering me in my living room while I was bent over a couch. Then he stopped for a minute to walk away. I assumed he was going for his bag of goodies which he left by the front door in order to find something to use on me. However, his eyes had found something else: my Thera Cane.

The Thera Cane is supposed to be a massage tool. My massage therapist suggested I buy it to help release tension in a certain place in my back that I knot up when I get stressed out. She said she personally was on her third as family members had permanently borrowed the first two she had bought. It can be really helpful in releasing stress when used in its intended manner.

For some reason, the perverted guy I was dating took one look at it and thought it would be great for penetrating me and releasing stress in some very different ways than I had ever envisioned. The curved end did some massage time in my pussy, and then the straight end did some penetrating in my ass. My partner said it was easy to hold onto and use. From my perspective, it certainly was a different experience! I think with a little more practice and some lube, it could be a really fun toy. I certainly am never going to look at it again without thinking kinky thoughts!

(I am sure that the manufacturers of this massage tool in no way endorse this post nor support its use for anything but its intended purpose. As with all things pervertible, use at your own risk.)

©2016 WoodLeatherLace.com


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