My Type

What does my “type” of guy look like?

On Monday, he has long curly hair and blue eyes. He walks with a slight limp and has a voice that could win a Grammy. He loves strawberries, especially when I feed them to him.

On Tuesday, he is bald with brown eyes. He’s an athlete who can win his age bracket any time he enters a competition. He and I disagree about many things, but in the bedroom, our chemistry is amazing.

On Wednesday, he has a crew cut and looks like he just got out of the military. He speaks with a slight lisp, wears glasses, and loves to spend time at the library. We spend long evenings talking to each other about philosophy.

On Thursday, he is a foxy fifty with salt and pepper hair, hazel eyes, and unexpected tattoo on his leg. He is a computer nerd, but he also knows how to live life to its fullest.

On Friday, he is a Scandinavian blonde who is built like a Viking but is as tender as a baby. He’s a social worker with stronger emotions than most people think men are capable of.

On Saturday, he has thick, dark hair. His eyes are an elusive shade of gray. He’s a handyman type who can fix my car, but he can also make my engine purr.

On Sunday, he is a guy whose hair is slowly disappearing. His eyes are ever-changing in color, depending on what he’s wearing. He has a significant scar on his arm and is a fascinating story teller.

So what’s the common theme? All of these guys treat me with respect. They’re honest to their core. They don’t want to hurt me but will always tell me the truth even if they know it causes me pain. They know that failing to tell me something is just as bad as lying in my eyes.

They’re spiritual, believing in something bigger than their own ego. They are compassionate, treating others with tenderness that many might find unmanly. They love fiercely and devotedly. They are never afraid to let me know that I am their woman and that if they can, they will always be there when I need them. They see my inner beauty just as I see theirs.

What makes all of these men alike is that their souls shine brightly. Their souls are far more brilliant than their bodies. When I look at them, I know clearly that their bodies are only the shells for their souls. Time will pass and their bodies will fade, die and disintegrate, but their souls will continue to shine brightly as a part of Creation. What matters is who they are, how they act, and how they treat me and others.


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