The Last Kiss

You almost never know when it’s going to be your last kiss with your partner. I didn’t expect it to end so suddenly with him. We’d had our best night ever, and then, suddenly, less than a week later, it was over.

Would I have changed things if I had known? Maybe. Maybe I would have called in sick that last day together. Maybe I would have stayed in bed with him longer that day. Maybe. But maybes are fantasies, and they won’t ever be. The reality is that it is over between us.

I will miss him. I will miss our kisses. I will miss so many other things, but I will miss him kissing me most of all. I will miss his hands on my body as his lips touched mine. I will miss his whiskers brushing up against my face. I’ll miss his tongue meeting mine. I’ll miss the smile on his face when we ended a kiss.

And now, I’ll never see that smile again. He’s gone.


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