Why WoodLeatherLace?

I picked the website name woodleatherlace because wood, leather and lace are three of my favorite materials to mix into sexual play.

Wood— There’s the obvious nickname for the male erection, but wood also refers to numerous spanking implements. Hairbrushes, wooden spoons, and paddles are all fun to add into the mix.

Leather—Both on him and me, I love leather (or fake leather) clothing. My black leather boots are among my favorites. So many great spanking and sex toys are also made out of leather or synthetic imitations: paddles, straps, tawses, crops, whips, binders, gags, cuffs… the list can keep going. One Dom I dated wore a thick leather cuff bracelet, a sign to those in the know about his sexuality. It was very attractive and masculine from my viewpoint.

Lace—The ultimate in feminine apparel in my opinion. I never feel as sexy and appealing as when I am wearing lace. Most men seem to appreciate it its alluring charms, too. Lace and leather together can make a visually beautiful combination as well when done properly.

©2016 WoodLeatherLace.com

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