Attracting an Intelligent Woman


Hey guys:

If you’re looking to woo an intelligent woman into your bed, there’s many things you can do to improve your prospects on sex-based dating sites.

  1. Don’t start your messages with any of the following demeaning terms: Lil Lady, Babe, Sexy, Honey, Beautiful, Sweetie, Love… and so many more. Terms of endearment are wonderful once you’re in a relationship with someone, but before you’re in relationship, terms like this reduce a woman to a generic object. Most of us don’t find it attractive. We’re also not “girls.” We’re women. You wouldn’t want to be called “hey boy,” so don’t demean us by disrespecting our age and maturity.
  1. Get rid of the dick pics as your profile shot. The majority of women can’t cum from vaginal penetration, so your dick is not the primary interest with regards to sex. Dicks are a tremendous amount of fun, but so are hands, tongues, toys, and a whole lot of other body parts. Your brain is your sexiest organ, though it’s hard to show pictures of it. Many men have creative but anonymous photos up that are so much more interesting than yet another generic dick pic, and they’re the ones who are memorable and likely to get a response.
  1. Put something on your profile. Yes, you need to be anonymous, but still, there are millions of men in the nation who like to watch football, follow the stock market, eat tacos, or bowl. If you mention those, you won’t be giving yourself away. Say something about yourself if you want us to have some interest in you. There are far more many men on sex-based dating sites than women, and if you want to stand out, you need to be more than just a dick pic looking for NSA.
  1. Read our profiles! If I have “monogamous” in my profile, that means I’m not going to be interested in you if you’re already married. Show me that you’ve actually read my profile by discussing something about it in your first message to me.
  1. Most importantly, treat us with respect. The guys whom I respond to send messages that indicate that they are interested in me as a whole package, not just because I could be a good fuck. There’s far more to me than my sexuality, and I want a man who can see that. Most women do.


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