That Issue of Size and Guys

We’ve all heard the phrase, “Size Doesn’t Matter.” Yet most men don’t seem to believe it. The fact that the question even gets asked on the profile information on sex-based dating sites is an indicator of how many people falsely believe penis size is important to quality of sex. It’s not.

I can’t describe how refreshing it is to see a guy actually say his cock is average size and average girth on his dating profile. Not all men are long and thick! What’s even more interesting is when a guy claims to be long and thick but the pictures he posts don’t match up to what he’s saying. I get that guys don’t check out each other’s dicks in real life most of the time, but you’d think guys would have some perspective from watching porn (though that’s definitely not the average guy most of the time either).

The best lover I have ever had was also the shortest in terms of cock length. He was an average height and weight guy– 5’10” and around 200 pounds, most of it muscle. His cock was average girth but shorter than most of the other guys I’ve been with. And you know what? It was the best of the bunch. No lying. When the topic came up between him and me, I told him honestly that he was shorter, but he was better. I told him that the size was irrelevant because he knew so much better than most men what to do with what he had. He said he’d heard that one before, but he remained unconvinced.

There’s one major advantage to a shorter cock: It’s less likely to trigger gagging during fellatio. I also could get a lot more of him in my mouth than I could with other guys before that not-so-lovely reflex kicked in. That seems to be a big (no pun intended) bonus for both of us in my mind.

Good things can come in small packages, guys. Be proud of what you’ve got, and learn how to use it to best please your lovers. If a woman rejects you for being “too small,” she doesn’t know yet what it takes to create an amazing lover.


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